Adding Turbo to Fiat 1.6 16V !


Hello everyone,

I am quitte new in here so dont be mad about my newbieness. :D

So... I own Fiat stilo 2002 1.6 16V for like 4 years now. And recently i decided to add turbo for this car.....

Hmmm you might say... WHY ? why not buy 2.4 stilo abarth or something. That are some reasonable questions wich i could not answer. :D.I Really love this car, besides that its fiat and its ... quite cocky sometimes.

So back to the subject, what can you guys say about turbo to this engine. Where should i start, what should i buy, and what i should look after.

Most important thing, that i want turbo not for high HP boost or something.
Im curious to have that..... sound under the hood (when turbo sucks in and releases the air) (Yeah i know its childish and stupid... but the hearth wants what the hearth wants, right?)

Any information is welcome and excusse me for my English. Not my native tongue!
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You can't readily add a turbo to anything to be honest. It is an expensive process and fraught with problems.

I really would consider buying a car with the performance you want as a more viable alternative.
You know in your case it may not be that much of a problem, since you not interested in any crazy power gains which would mean a tremendous amount of work and money. You have to buy a turbo, in your case the smallest cheapest one [ even 2nd hand ] then you need to find a place to make you a once of outlet manifold, to fit the turbo to, [ since there are none for your car and this might be a bit pricey. Then decide to either have the boost just blow into atmosphere [ like you said kinda weird but it's the sound you want not the power] or boost the inlet manifold at say 1 or 2 psi [ very low to be safe ] and use a piggy back remap to compensate for the extra air flow. Now fitting a cone shaped air filter and dump valve you'll have all the sucking huffing and puffing and whistling sounds you would like. And hopefully someone that knows what they are doing reads this to fill in the gaps I probably left here.
Does this help in any way?
You could also consider a super charger from a mini cooper, may be a simpler option, oh and if you decide to boost the inlet manifold you'd need to fit a inter cooler too.
Greetings Lukas123 and a Warm Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend!

Good to have you along with us :)

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