Non turbo subaru legacy???!


Legacy 2.5L
Hey , I just wanted to know if i want to install a turbo in my 2008 subaru legacy 2.5L how much would it cost ? And what i would need to change?

Please and thank you.
Assuming you want to have a reliable engine the answer Im afraid is it aint that simple (as usual)

The na and the turbo dont have the same internals and yours will be running a higher compression . Whilst on some engines this wont be a problem it will be on the legacy .

If you intend to run enough boost to make it worthwhile you may need to change :
The pistons to lower the compression ratio
the rods and maybe the block and cams
The ecu will need changing or a complete remap

bigger injectors

then there is the turbo installation ,- pipes oil/water lines , bigger or front mount intecooler
and of course once you have that extra power then the rest of the car needs upgrading to cope with the extra power.

It is probably easier and cheaper to either buy a turbo engine or a turbo legacy

Or to put it a different way xcheck your spec with the turbo engine and that is half the answer
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