Newbee seeking help installing DVD player.


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Willow from wakefield here. Hi all. Have hyundai coupe 2.7 and require help installing a ripspeed dvd. Thanks.
Re: Newbee seeking help.

HI there willow and welcome to TorqueCars, I've copied your thread into our ICE section so You should get some replies to your question. Good to have you along.
Which bit are you stuck on? did you get the old one out? Does the New DVD player come with any fitting instructions?
okay didnt relise this ws a second post.
where are you stuck with ? as waynne said has the old one came out ?
do you need a facia panel?
do you need hyundia - ISO adaptor?

the ripspeed is a direct fit to a single din but it does stick out a bit on the cars ive seen it in
Still having problems with dvd install. Old unit is out .dvd is in .have hyundai iso cable and have fitted up as it came,wont keep memory. Have swapped cables red to yellow and yellow to red and still wont keep memory. Anyone any ideas? Many thanks in anticipation
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