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I have a 2.3l Mazda 3 sedan and want to tune it and already put a air intake what's the next best step to tune my car or steps I should take to get my car where I want it?
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Have you thought about suspension mods and uprating the braking? The Mazda 3 turbo has a nice setup so you might be able to source parts from a breakers yard for this.

Going up in the power/cost stakes a fast road cam would give a nice performance lift, match this to an exhaust system with optimised headers and you'll get more Torque and top end power.

A remap on a NASP engine will only give about 10% more power, do this on a turbo engine and you'll be looking at around 40% more power!
Hi and welcome.

What steps I should take to get my car where I want it?

That depends on where you want to get your car :)
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