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Honda Civic SIR 1.6
hi guys, i have some questions regarding the aftermarket ECUs and chips

i own a Civic Si (B16a) and i am planning to do some mods
i am planning to buy header, cat-back, NGK spark plugs, NGK spark wires and a BuddyClub Condenser.
i already have an intake but i am thinking of chaning it with an apexi.
and later on, i am planning to change my clutch and flywheel.

i was thinking of buying an Apexi Neo but i read some not so good comment about it and i started thinking about changing the ECU
but i have some blanks about those kind of ECU.

i know that changing the ECU or chipping it, is better than the apexi NEO due to fact that there are more points in the RPM to tune, removal of rev limitter, something with the timing, etc

what i don't know, is wether a stock ECU can be reprogrammed or chipped with a reprogrammable chip.

eventhough there are some good programs like SPOON, HONDATA etc ... i believe that a custom tune from an expert will be a lot better, since every car is different. ( correct me if i am wrong )

i am not planning to do extream mods on the car since it's my daily drive. I am not planning to do any internal work so i don't know if it worths buying/remapping or whatever an aftermarket ecu/chip or just buy the apexi neo

so i need more information regarding aftermarket ECUs and chips.

i found on ebay (yea, i know) a cheap chipped p28 ECU whose seller gives you the opportunity to choose your program (SPOON,HONDATA) and some other stuff like, where i want the vtec engagement, the red line... anyway, and i was thinking to buy it since it's cheap and take it to an expert to reprogram it, if possible, according to my car's current state(after installing the mods) (because changing things like, vtec engagement according to where the buyers wants it and not where the car wants it, it doesn't sounds that good to me).

by the way, except the ECU that i am currently running i have another ECU (the car was automatic and i convert it to a manual one, so i changed my ecu) and my thought was reprogramming/retuning that one.
both ECUs are Stock and OBD2

i would appreciate any help and information on what to do.

thanks a lot
as you are aware, the ECU governs 99.99% of everything that the car does in terms of its operation. the manufacturer sets the ECU's parameters for good fuel economy, good emissions and engine longevity.

depending on the spec of the car, the ECU can be reprogrammed to provide between 7%-35% (7% being a highly tuned N/A petrol, the afformentioned 35% gain being achieved from a FI diesel lump)

you would get the most benifit from an ecu remap after you have made all of the other modifications so that the remap can utilise the upgraded units that you have put on the car.

like i say, an ecu remap should be the final upgrade to make.

putting a chip into your ECU imo is a little bit risky in that they have to open up your ecu to do this, there are really reputable companies that do ecu remaps (not sure about cyprus) the safer option would be to go with the ecu remap as apposed to the chip.

long winded but i hope this helps.

let us know what happens!
thanks a lot bro

i'll let you know about the progress, as soon as i gather enough money.

in your opinion, will the clutch, flywheel affect the readings of the ecu?

because i was thinking of leaving the clutch, flywheel for last cause it's been 6 months since i changed my gearbox. (as i mentioned before, the car was automatic)

unless if i do all the mods i meantioned (i/h/e...) and change only the flywheel instead of flywheel and clutch and then do the remap.

but i don't know if that will be ok because the clutch is stock

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