Problem with civic need help please


civic 1.6 vtec vti
HI all
my civic b16a2 decided to brake down the other day when i was drivin it and i have no idea what is wrong with it so thought i would ask on hear and see if anyone can help me out.

i pulled off a yellow line in 1st gear and put it in 2nd gear and then the car sounded like it was miss firin then when i took my foot off the throttle the car just died and when i went to start it it was like is was miss firin but i had to have my foot with the throttle all the way down for it to start i take my foot off the throttle and it dies again.

i have changed the following parts to see if it would solve the problem but didnt...

spark plugs
spark plug leads
2 air flow sensors on the inletmanifold
the injectors are fine

the civic was a d15 sohc vtec and i had a b16a2 vtec put init

any help would be great thanks all
You've done pretty much everything I would suggest. Check the earth connection is solid, it's probably worth doing a make and brake on the earth connection.

What about the following suggestions. Do you have a leak in your vacuum line somewhere? Does it happen only when hot or from cold as well? Could be a temp sensor. Is the compression ok on the engine? Crank sensor? Lambda sensor? Cam Belt/camshafts? Coil?

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