My Subaru

Looks nice.

Try some alloy wheel cleaner and plenty of elbow grease to get the grime off. I cleaned my wheels with Citric Acid as this is much milder than the alloy cleaner.

Then you apply a wax such as rim wax and this will make it easier to clean them next time.
I had those exact wheels on my Version 1 STi and had the same problem so just painted them black instead. Look so nice they hide the dirt for ages lol.
'wonder wheels' ........ works on anything no matter how dirty your weels are, i personally use anything else, can get it from halfords, paint on with brush applicator thing ya get with it, then rinse with hose.... magic, no elbow grease needed :)
I used to think the same about Wonder Wheels. That is until it completly shredded all the laquor round the edge of one of my standard wheels I had on my Calibra V6. It disolves anything as said above, even laquor lmao. Don't go near the stuff. I now use Meguiars Wheel Shine. Works a treat. Or you can use the simple method, just jet wash it ;)
the autogym wheel cleaners good stuff, but the problem with the lot is they almost all use phosperic acid, this is what chews throught the laquar.
if you ise anythign make sure your wash the wheels well after wahing it off

we use a stonger version of it at work and it does dissovle through alot of stuff
when i do actually wash the car myself i use mr muscle oven cleaner it works a treat and ive never had any problems with peeling lacquer
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