My ICE Problem...


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My ICE Problem

Now before I start, prepare yourself for a mind boggling problem, you think you got it all figured out one minute but then something else doesn't make sense or doesn't add up and your back to square one.

Right... basically, when I play music and a song with high bass comes on, the music will skip. The song plays fine at about volume 12-14 but I like to play mine a lot higher, about 24-26. Except when a bass beat comes on, the track skips, almost like the CD player is loosing power?

Heres the interesting part...

It doesn't skip, regardless of volume amount, if the engine is turned off? So basically, I can blast music on full bass all day when the engine is off, but when its turning on and im driving, it will skip at volume 14 with average bass. The lower I turn the bass down, the higher I can go with the volume. At the moment, Its on -7 bass (as low as it will go) and I play it on volume 20-22.

Everything was working fine when I had my RipSpeed 7" DVD Player in there, it would never skip or anything, full bass, full volume, engine on, no problems - ever!

My new CD player is an Alpine CDA-9852RB

Other ICE components:

2 x Front JVC Speakers
2 x Rear JVC Speakers
12" 1000w Fly Sub w/ 400w built in Amp.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Craig / Pixel.
As you say may be a power issue - or just could be a combo of the engine vibration and bass making a particular resonance that that particular CD player doesnt cope with.
Does it do this with the windows open and a thick piece of cloth over the player? This may help to rule out a wave shock jolt. Do you have a capacitor fitted? Have you put an ammeter/voltmeter on to see what the drain in at the point it skips?
i would have said it was power delivery as well.

ive got an alpine 9????? cant remember and cars in MOT at the min. ive got a similar problem when i crank up the volume my songs didnt skip, i think this is more to do with them mp3s rather than normal cds, but the display flashed on and off with the bass when the volume was above 17.

i refitted the 2 farad power cap and problem gone
give it a go and see if it helps
like a say my music wasnt cutting out but the screen was flashing on and off. if the lights were on as well you could see them dulling down as well. there was too much of a drain on the alternator / battery

i think you should be looking for 1 farad for every 500w. so the 1.3 will cover the 400w amp as its rarely going to be at full whack all the time. mines is a bit of overkill but i was only paid £30 off ebay for it
Turns out my battery was over charging or something like that? 16V more output than normal, all the power was going to the cd player and it was skipping.

Solution is, new alternator or to drive around with my heaters on full, lol.
voltage regulator then. 16v more, does than mean 30v ? im surprised it wasnt blowing things up.

is the regulator on the outside of the alternator, or is it built in ?
ive been told that its a common problem with the wifes golf £40 to replace but most garages will tell you you need a new alternator
I had this on an alternator, the voltage regulator is usually on the outside near the terminals. A good auto electrician should fix it for you. Over voltage usually blows your bulbs. As the revs increase the lights get brighter and that is one of the symptoms of this situation.

Interestingly: When you jump start a car with a high voltage battery pack you can blow the voltage regulator on the alternator.
if your finding voltage drop due to bass peaks to be a problem, id advise getting hold of a split charge relay and givving your amps (and obv subs) thier own battery, its easy to wire, if your interested let me know an il post instructions on wiring a split charging system, and because its run off the double pos+ system of the alternator warning light, you can thump your tunes out for hours without having to wory about starting your motor afterwards. hope thats of some help
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