My depressingly stock Fabia 1.4 8v

Well... I've got enough posts now. I know people aren't really going to be interested in looking at a stock Fabia. But it's mine and I love it. And it is quite tidy :)


Looks pretty tidy! Did you wash it before the photo was taken?! :D

Yeah, I might have done ;)

I think I'd only just got it when those pics were taken, to be honest. I'd just de-badged it too. That's about the only thing that's been done to it, really :p
Looks nice - I will move this to the gallery later for you. Keep us up to speed on what mods you do on it.

What colour is it? It looks black or green to my colour blind eyes ;)

I think it would look really good with a debadged front grill. You'll be surprised what a difference this can make. :)
Show us the debadged pics! and show us what kinda grill ur getting. I'm not a big fan of chrome, so if u ask me I'd paint mat black the whole grill, might be cheaper than replacing. Also tinting the white part of the tail lights should look pretty good. Polo, Ibiza and older Golf's wheels should fit.
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OK it looks green on another monitor. Must play around with my colour settings (And get my eyes tested!)
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