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82 trans am kitt
well has i have made my mind up i am going to start on this propley this year
going to be a all front off to spray it all a good going over
and hope to have it on the road before the end of the summer want to do some shows in it this year
but while its off the road might as well do it plus now the nights are brighter its a good time to do it
so this is what i have done so far
how it was when i got it



then i had to do the door catch as it had nearly fallen off

next were the decals


then the carb went so painted the engine bay at the same time


and line lock fitted as well and new brake lines


and new dash thanks to mikey

then a new petrol tank thanks to mark x essex rep


then some chrome for the engine bay



and new lights

and then the two cars togehter
Me too, cracking job matey. Me likey. Just one thing, arn't you going to sort that rust scab on the bonnet? What do these run a quarter in as standard?
ya this year all the rust is going new paint all round the front is coming off engine and box out for a good clean and paint new wings going on the lot will be spot less once i have finished

what do they run pass 13s 14s maybe all goes on how the carb is set up mine uses a bit to much juice so will run a touch quicker

What engine is fitted in the Transam?
I'm obviously unsure what type of budget you are on but as you may know, the '97 on Transam's were fitted with an all-alloy Gen 3 5.7L V8 that is a seriously good engine.
350hp and 365lb-ft with a stock tune and will do 24mpg on the highway with normal highway gearing.
They'd need a conversion harness of course, but would make an good choice as they are plentiful and cheap now.
The Gen 3 engines came in 4.8, 5.3 and 6.0 versions with iron blocks and alloy heads. Just the 5.7 came with an alloy block which made them about 85lbs lighter. But they are all the same size, shape and archetecture (same casting).
has the 403ci olds 6.6

i also have a 3rd gen with the 5.7 in it it is faster but i would not put that engine in the 2nd gen

and there was not a 6.0 in the 3rd gen was a 5.7 biggest they can go to keep it as a small block

but the new year one 78 trans am they did has the same engine as the 4th gen a ls1 5.7 or what ever it is and loads of mods with it 18' wheels a good looking car
.....and there was not a 6.0 in the 3rd gen was a 5.7 biggest they can go to keep it as a small block

You shouldn't assume before knowing your stuff!

The same block the LS1/LS6 uses can go to 427cid. It's known as the LS7 (Gen 4). It is the same external dimensions and very similar weight to the LS1/6 Gen 3 V8 (as all Gen 3 & 4 V8 engines are, the differences in capacity are by different bore and stroke).......

The 6.0Litre Gen 3 engines were only used in trucks. The LQ9 being the most powerful of them:
sorry sid thought you was talking about the 3rd and 4th gen trans am's not the engines them selfs

as for the later engines used in the 4th gen trans am the ls1 i dont know to much about them cosi dont have one so never really looked into them but a 4th gen is on the books for my new car
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