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Now there's a job Lutonmatt! Are you buying parts or getting chrome applied to the existing parts?
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am buying them all done will get a pic tomorrow as it is now and have a before pic does look a lot better

i would get some done but its trying to find the places that do chroming and cheap
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hi i got 2 yankies
1983 chevy camaro (in bits)
1984 pontiac trans-am (rusting away nicely)
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ah so you have a 3rd gen you have a pm in a min once i find out how to do it lol

is it a gta or just a 5.0 v8
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yeah they are both third gens the TA is just a standard black 5.0v8 with T tops (aka KITT) but with a 5 speed manual
the camaro is a Z28 hard top that had a 5.0v8 HO lump and a 5 speed manual but i bought it without the engine and box as a project and i have since found the original box but the engine was scraped about 3 weeks before i found them

the TA used to get used till the clutch went and i decided that it needed loads of work to pass the MOT and it hasn't been used for about 3 years now and in desperate need of lots of work

the camaro is currently a bodyshell up on big stands while i do some rust removal and i have a 5.7 block sat inthe garage waiting for me to finish the other project so i can put some money into it

the other project is a 3.5v8 mk1 mondeo with 4 wheel drive which is about 75% done before it goes for its SVA (or BIVA if its not finished in time)
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keep thinking about getting a 3rd gen as well as the 2nd gen but having the money is the problem there was a bloke at billing on sunday were i was at the club stand and gave us a for sale bit of paper selling his 3rd gen for 650 was thinking about ok it needs work but there is nothing i cant do
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most i have had a once was 2 vans 1 lexus 1 trans am and a bike

just down to my 2 cars at the mo but do want another trans am
can never have to many cars
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nice videos! It seems camaros and mustangs are a dime a dozen over here but you dont see many of the older model TA like yours here any more. Nice work!
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there are not to many 2nd gens and very few 1st gens i am one of the high ones on the pontiac club and most of us on there have 3rd or 4th gens

so its good for 2nd gen prices as well
but there are not to many in the states most of them are 3rd gens but good old ebay.com sorts all my bits out
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