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Hey all,

I'm new to the lude owners club even tho I'm on my second one now. The first one had an evil auto box!

Anyways, I've got a 2.2 VTi manual lude, standard spec. No mod's (yet) apart from type R wheels and EBC drilled & grooved disks but I'm hoping to get cracking with some soon.

Has anyone done an engine swap for a V6, from the accord coupe or even the nsx (dreaming there) and is there much benefit to it?

Nice one guys
Oh and a warm welcome to the site, nice to meet you. It sound's like you will fit in here nicely and I hope you enjoy the forums as much as we all do.

The 2.2 is a great engine, have you fully looked at all of your tuning options on that? Supercharging would be my top tip!;)
Welcome to TorqueCars mate! The H22A is a great engine! I'm pretty sure the V6 doesn't actually fit under the bonnet mate. The only swap really worth it mate would be the K20A, but even still you'll only gain about 20bhp from the swap and it's a lot of work. You'd be much better starting with the suspension mate. Get it handling right before you go into power figures. It's not like the H22A doesn't have much power lol.
welcome mate, both to torque cars and the prelude family, get pics up and let me know any questions
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