hello need some questions answered please


United States-Colorado
87 Prelude
i own a 87 Prelude rebuilt from salvage.my first Honda.i have been a tech and a car crafter since i was an adult. i started out on pickups and 4x4's like Chevy,Dodge,and Ford.

first i have never had a automatic transaxle until now.no tranny pan or filter to replace,which is fine. it takes Dexron/Mercon from I all the way to IV,no problem.

the guy that owned this car is terrible at maintenace,i would like to drain as desrcibed and refill with K&W automatic Trans cleaner run the prescribed 100 miles re-drain and refill with B&M Trick Shift or Hurst Hot Shift ATF. But i do NOT know these Transaxles at all and want 2 know if i will be doing something wrong when i do my service on the transaxle. also planning to add a aftermarket transmission cooler (pretty sure those are cooler lines running 2 the bottom of my radiator from the top of the transaxle), i will add/fabricate an additional cold air duct, a K&N filter, a hotter coil, exhaust upgrades, and i can and have fabbed a Air management system such as Tornado,

i will b making 2 small air management pieces for each carb.upgraded/better tune up parts. basiclly that is about all i can do unless i pull cylinder head and do some gasket matching and some porting, same with the exhaust manifold. the car runs fine but i would REALLY like to also know what engine/transaxle swaps i can put into this car. i like the car just not thrilled that there are no real aftermarket performance pieces for the engine family(1.8 carb)i know i can find a 2.0 injected for it but why if i can do better,maybe even something i can fit with a turbo also? thanks any help will be appreciated.
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