Mazda 3 LED Taillights Instal Help?


Hanmer, Ontario
2006 Mazda 3 GT 2.3
Alright, so I ordered myself a pair of LED taillights for my 2006 Mazda 3. As 3 owners know, there are four pieces. I installed the first two pieces that attach to the trunk section perfectly find. The problem that started to occur is when I tried installing the actual LED section of the tailights (the piece that attaches to the back of the car body. The stock taillights have two bulbs in them and obviously two connectors. The taillights that I have now also have two connectors and one works perfectly fine. However, the other connector is completely different (the fill LED section). Does anyone know what I'm going to have to do? Either way, I'll end up getting a professional install but it would be nice (and cheaper) if someone could help me out.

Here are some pictures.

Again, thanks for help!:p

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