Turbocharging my mazda 323 1.6 ZM-DE


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Mazda 323 1.6 ZM-DE
Hi friends

need helps for my project
my car is a 2004 mazda 323
the engine is 1.6 L ZM-DE also called Z6 105 hp @5500 rpm
redline 6500rpm
stock compression 9 : 1

my target is not more than 200 HP ( Stock internals )

so i want help for choosing the right size turbo .

i think of a Garrett Hybrid T22/TB02 (nissan 300zx turbo ) with A/R of 0.50 ( P/N : 466414-0006 )
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thanks T9
i know a little about it ;), i almost got everything now , i mean most of the parts like ECU ( Mega Squirt 2 ) , Supra injectors ;) , fuel press reg , bov , intercooler , wide band o2 sensor , boost gauge , ..... ) i want about 10 psi of boost and with my engine i need 1.68 bar on the Y and a 12.6 lbs/min on the X so i think a small turbo with A/R between 0.47 to 0.6 would be ok cause i don wan a big lag in city driving , but i want to know ideas of more experienced peoples like u and other guys here :)
It's the Christmas season so everyone has lots of things to do and people to see. No doubt someone will be along in a while with some further information for you :)
I'd say a T25 from a nissan Pulsar may be of use. Or even a Td04 from an earlier Scooby? A few people use them to turbocharge Mazda MX-5s.

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