manifold/downpipe price too good to be true hmmmmmmm


uk stoke on trent
Mitsubishi Galant
Hi im looking at the different possibilities of what i can do with the exhaust system on my accord and wondered if anyone has used the stainless steel manifold & downpipe from Japspeed as the price seems to be better than everyone else's at £189.00 its sounding like a bargain:confused:
Just seen another stainless steal manifold on ebay for £109.99 brand new. Been looking at full exhaust systems and cat back systems both with a high flow cat and thought i may as well get the entire system done but my car sits between two years 1996/1997 so the exhaust options are limited unless i go custom. I would be happy just to change the manifold for a less restrictive one say from the accord type r or other honda if it was a straight swap.
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