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I was told by a non reliable source that if you install any sort of ICE into your car e.g. Subs, new speakers etc, your insurance goes up, is this true, because I think thats bolocks :)

Thankyou :)
Have a look at your policy because they usually cover up to a £1000 pound anyway. On my insurance it states that they cover up to £1000 worth of equipment. So check your policy buddy.
Yep mine covers up to a bag of sand too. Don't worry too much about telling the insurance companys about mods, when I tinted my old car it cost me an extra £12 a year. It's always best to check first before shelling out on kit though. :)
I have never known insurance to go up due to a reasonable ICE install. If you get over the policy limit then that is different and they may well apply terms.

Most policies do state (Aftermarket audio, navigation and other permenantly installed .... is covered up to a limit of £xxxxxxx)
think of the puddles when it melts to.

as said mate most is covered to around £750 - 1000 depending on cover
however if your going to be cutting the dash apart and installing screens and speakers in there place then expect to see an increase due to the modified interior
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