I bout a turbo kit .. any advice before installing !!?


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Fiat 131 CL
Okay gays , in a previous thread i said that im gonna fit a turbo to my N/A 1600 engine , so i bought a turbo kit which is:
-turbine of toyota numbered with 112 (small one) up to 1.5 bar water coolant and internal waist gate
-inter cooler of fiat lancia delta
-blow off valve HKS sequential 4
-piping (handmade)
-electric fuel pump 3 bar
-fuel regulator
-connector for the oil connection
-boost guage

its all about installing now , so could anyone gimme an advice which i can take in mind while installing?

my car is a fiat 131 with stoke engine 1600 cc single cam 8 valves
84 hp
127 newton
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Don't know if your engine is built to take boost but you will most likely need higher flowing injectors and a tuneable computer plus a turbo oil drain to the pan.
IF you are rebuilding the motor then have it hot tank cleaned install forged pistons and rods,balanced and all mating surfaced ground flat and the head torqued down onto a MLS gasket with ARP studs for starters.
You have to realise that if the motor is to be reliable then it must be built strong.

IF you must have a turbo car then it would be better if you traded the car on one with a turbo fitted from the factory as it will cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to do it right.
forgot to mention its on carburetor
lets say i'm doing this project only to learn so i use low cost materials ans as a start i will not change the compression ratio by replacing the pistons i already have 9.2:1 compression ratio its kinda high for turbo buts its okay

later i will start on changing piece by piece to see my progress step by step to learn more (its my way of learning)

i know im kinda doing the wrong hing but its okay i just learn from my faults , thats what i used to know when i started the DIY thing

i just wanna know how to gain much hp and torque because we fitted a turbo to a sahin 1.6 carb and we didn't gain the desired power .. i was beating it while im stock and he is a turbo charged with 1.3 bar boost 0.O

thats what i dont wanna get into .. i want more power regardless the protection of the engine

excuse my poor engilsh and thx for helping tho ^_^
Do you understand the principles behind AFR - air to fuel ratio? This is the most important thing to get your head around and will be the difference between a success and failure.

Do you have any way of measuring the oxygen in the exhaust? This will give you an idea if the car is running rich or lean. You will have to compromise here with a carb as you'll not deliver the right amount of fuel through the whole rev range.
Blow or suck thru turbo systems are back in the dark ages and tuning one is difficult.
FWIW what you propose to do is simply a waste of time and money BUT it's YOUR time and YOUR money and we can only advise you on what track to take.

You would be far better off to supercharge it as there is way less work to do that.
i have a way to measure the CO coming out from the exhaust .. the oxygen im not sure about it
i started reading about the AFR air fuel ratio so i get more info about it
we already installed a volumex supercharger 8.5 psi before
we r looking for something new and difficult to tune
that what makes us special after all :)
Difficult to tune is one thing, but will the gains on such a system really be worth the trouble?

Good luck anyway buddy!
It's an interesting project to learn from though @t9man I'll be curious to see if it works and how you get round the many problems your going encounter along the way.
as i said its not about worth or not its about learning thats all even if i had to get the connecting rods outta the block while boosting :D

thx buddy ^_^

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