How to buy a good wheel spacer for Mondeo?


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First of all, the most important point is to choose a wheel spacer with the brand's exclusive LOGO, and buy genuine products through normal channels.

If they print their own brand LOGO on the wheel spacers body, bolts, and nuts, it means that the brand is very responsible and rigorous and confident in its products. There are many unbranded wheel spacers on the market. The words printed on their products are metric specifications or other non-brand name signs. In this way, buyers who have purchased three products will encounter potential risks, and the probability of sellers evading responsibility will be very high.

When we buy wheel spacers, it is best to choose a wheel spacer with a hub-centric and a workmanship accuracy of 0.02mm. A wheel spacer with a high workmanship accuracy will feel no gap when moving on the axle head, so that the problem of vehicle vibration will not generally occur, and at the same time the vehicle is more stable and safer during driving.


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