How often should you change a cambelt


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What are your thoughts on how often the cambelt should be changed?

Some manufacturers quote 90,000 miles and 10 years which seems excessive to me.

What do you tend to go for when it comes to cambelt changes?
If the car is a daily then follow the makers recommendation and if it is a race car then say at 1/2 of that or at the end of season rebuild.
One needs to remember that many/most modern engines are an "interference" design and the valves and pistons will come together and cause serious damage when a belt breaks OR strips off some cogs and alters the valve timing.
Manufacturers recommendations do change, I know a few where the handbooks advice have been superceded by narrower margins.

7 Years or 70,000 miles is what I tend to go on usually. It's not worth taking the risk IMO as @TCJBOLDIE says you risk destroying your engine.

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