How many Smart models are there


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I was wondering how many Smart models there are now?

I'm thinking Smart fortwo forfour and the roadster? Have they made any major model changes since launch? What are they like to drive and run?
Smart now only manufacter the Fortwo. The Roadster was canned a good while back & the forfour about 2 or 3 years ago too.

The Fortwo & Fortwo Cabby come in three trim levels,

Pure, basic
Pulse, sporty few extra's
Passion, top spec

There's also the Brabus of course. :amuse:

All this talk of Smarts is making me miss mine :(
dont forget the different engine combinations
71 and 81 petrol
the 81 micro hybrid drive that cuts the engine everytime you slow down
and the cdi 41bhp and 45bhp diesels

brabus is nice, i was chatting to the samlesma and he said that koenigsegg are making a new special edition model as well. oh and dnt forget the new electric smart coming in 2010

see ive done my homework ;)

mpg fantastic fifth gear done a test on the cdi manufacturers reckons 83.1mpg there real world test got 81.3 now thats not bad. anyone ive soken to has loved driving them and after tomorow i'll tell you exactly what i think as well
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