My mates two litre Toyota engined Smart.

That's a good point. I made a cock up on an earlier thread, before I said the engine was the 3S-GTE with the turbo removed. In actual fact this engine never made it in the car & the car is running the 3S-GE :embarrest:. He may in the future, when he's feeling brave, fit the turbo variant. But I think he'll want to get through this season before making any decisions! :amuse:
I can confirm that, yes spinning out is a problem! It's how I killed mine (spun it, went up a verge backwards & then rolled into a hedge) & I only had 112bhp :embarrest::lol:
Although Jim's has more sorted suspension & sticky Avon slicks.:D
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Around about that yes, according to Wiki, the latest of the engines were touching 200bhp so I'd say somewhere between 160 & 200 hp I'm not sure on the age of the engine, but I'll be sure to ask him this weekend.
Which reminds me, If anyone would like to see the car in the flesh (& if you live close enough of course) it will be competing at Shelsley Walsh this weekend 15/16th, click the flyer for details.

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