Higher limits for advanced drivers


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If people who had passed an advanced driving test were allowed to go at higher speeds on our roads would it tempt you?

I strongly urge all drivers to go for extra driving lessons and experience a skid pan, track day and AIM advanced driving test.

However whilst we all see the need and sense, it is often time that puts it off. Now if we could legally drive at 10mph above the current limits would this be enough to persuade you to try it?
One problem with this, how would the police and cameras know you have passed your advanced driving test, it couldnt be by your plate as you might be driving another vehicle your insured to drive....or somebody thats insured to drive yours.
I vote compulsory advanced courses, ( including all weather driving, all terrain driving, track driving, skid pans,etc etc.) for all drivers, and then higher limits for everyone, (with government subsidised brake upgrade packs naturally)

but in turn get very harsh on drunk drivers, uninsured drivers, and so on. basically if you play by the rules its more fun, but if you break them (and higher speed = higher stakes), prison, and not a nice prison either.
Not an easy one to police and of course we are talking hypothetically.

One way might be to classify vehicles, fast ones require an advanced licence!

You could easily display a permit or badge in your window. If you get stopped by the police you have a document check anyway so why not be more lenient with people who have proved themselves.
no need for an advance driving test for me! im allowed to drive at whatever speed i like

at my own risk
It's getting ever harder to evade detection. I do not condone speeding in general but I see little problem with over-limit speeds in good conditions with minimal traffic on majot roads.

Society seems to be edging towards treating speeding as being equally as unacceptable as fiddling with kids.
WOW - RB You survived those speeds (on a track I hope:D) Didn't you slip into a parallel universe or jump through a wormhole? :lol:
:lol: And using an extra tank of fuel:lol:

Phew for a minute there I thought you might be condoning speeding on British roads. (We all know they are too congested anyway!)
nah - was staying in the Hilton in Koln. A very nice hotel if anybody's interested - and a great city to go shopping :)

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