Hi All f56 jcw mini looking into bit of tuning any advise

IF you haven't already done so IMO the absolute first thing / upgrade for any turboed car is to install a larger diameter MANDREL bent exhaust system from the turbine outlet that incorporates a "hot dog" resonator midway to eliminate droning as well as a straight thru muffler at the rear and please don't put a silly 5 inch tip on it .V(

For your 2 litre I would use 3 inch diameter as I had on my car and had it dynoed before and after the same day and IIRC gained a 15% increase in power and torque due to it eliminating any backpressure post turbo thereby allowing the turbo to come on boost sooner and work more efficiently. |B

I would also recommend that you have the car remapped on a RR/Dyno for even better/safer end result and you won't stop :).

IF you have it remapped on a dyno it is important that you get the injector flow figures @ WOT as it is generally considered that it should not be higher than 80-85% otherwise higher flowing injectors should be installed and the fuel pump may need to be upgraded as well for safety.
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If the turbo has an internal gate then you may need to enlarge the outlet and smooth the passage if you encounter overboost due to the lack of backpressure in the exhaust system that allows the turbine to reach higher shaft speeds and the gate can't flow enough to hold the boost at the set level.

Hope that makes sense to you ?
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