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mini one 1.4
Hi all im back lol my wife has been in hospital for months but hopefully on the mend now thats why i havent been on in a while any way more news on my mini one i have just had a 3 in bore stainless steel back box fitted looks great and sounds even better i got it off ebay but couldent get it fitted any where i lived so got back in touch with the company i got it off they said they could fit it for me at a price the only thing was they were down in essex lol yes very long way from me but got there ok but it was the wrong back box but it wasent a problem for them the exchanged it for another one i had the choice of three and it took them 2 hours to fit if as it had to be fabricated for my mini but its got a life time garentee which is good so my mini one has now got tinted windows and the new back box they said it wold give me 2.5 persent more power which is good i have wheel spasers to fit still its just geting the time while my wife recover but hopefully get them on soon was thinking of new alloes but to dear foe me and arm and a leg to buy so that was out of the question but it sounds great and more fun to drive i lissten to the exhaust more than the radio now lol just got to get my insurance told about new modds talk soon:D billy2


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2011 Honda FN2
Good to hear your other 1/2 is on the mend.
Over here we call them mufflers or silencers regardless of colour so do you still call them "black boxes" if they are silver ???

Over here wheel spacers are illegal on a road car and insurance is void if involved in a crash as they make the car "unroadworthy" Better to be safe rather than sorry and fir wheels with the correct offset IMO

At times I have heard of the EMS being call a "black box"
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