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I bought a set of diamond audio speakers off ebay to go in the beemer. Bit of a bargain at £80 as caraudio were selling them new for £250. Reviews looked good so I'm guessing they're a nice sounding speaker.

They're 13cm as that's what fits into the front. Thing is, if (when hopefully!) I get the peugeot the fronts are 16.5cm

I've not got £250 to spare at the mo, so is it worth putting the 13cm ones in with adaptors ? or should I save for the equivilent 16.5cm ones ?

I have a sub to go in aswell and the front speakers will be driven by a seperate amp.

depends are you going to be trying out at compititions?
if not then adaptors and some dynamat and you might not notice the difference.
if your running them off a seperate amp then they should be better than the standard pug ones.
other option is rattle them back on the bay see what you can for them.

do you know what size the rears are in the pug ?
If you're proposing a sub in the future then you don't really need the 16.5cm ones. It's important to let the sub to sub things and the other speakers get on with the rest of the job. Having too many sources of LF in a small space (ie. a car) can lead to phase cancellation effects, where some bass notes will be louder than they should be, others will be virtually cancelled out depending upon where you're sitting it the car.
I'd put them for sale on Ebay - you might make a profit. Then get some 13's. Saves messing around with the doors and if you have the car on a lease type agreement you will be able to return it as standard - otherwise you'll have to leave your speakers in.

(I found the post - fancy hiding it in ICE :lol:)
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