Help wanted wiring up an amp for an 02 Clio.


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ne1 wired up an amp and sub to a 02 clio or mark 3. I cant find a grommet big enough for the wire. I dont really want to drill a hole newhere so ne ideas?
How big is the wire then? Where is the sub and amp - the boot is usually best :? ? I would run the cable under the carpet and plastic trim down the side of the seats and into the boot. What makes and models of the parts are you using. (I'm probably being a bit thick here and missing something but I'm still ill in my defence!)

I wish you a warm welcome to Torquecars - nice to have you along and you'll soon have some serious sounds in your car! (P4Paco knows stuff about ICE! :wink: )
about 1/8 inch. Yeh i was gonna do that just need to get to the battery from the footwell or glove compartment. I managed to get thru the gromit but im still not in the engine bay cus theres a firewall in the way. Think im gonna have to drill it.
You know that you only need a + feed from the battery. Check the footwell pedals especially around the clutch cable - sometimes there is some extra space you can use.

Also pull back the carpets and check on the passenger side - some cars have pre drilled holes for LHD or RHD markets in both sides so that would save you drilling.

Under the car is another possibility! :wink:
if youre drilling through the bulkehead remember to paint it after to stop corrosion and to use a rubber grommet to prevent the metal touching the cable causing fires. also remember not to drill into your engine components :shock: happened before.......
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