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hi, i recently took off of my 1.4 cvh engined escort the bit that sits above the intake manifold (been up since 430 and just got in brains stopped working and i cant remember its proper name)to give it a clean as it breathes a bit heavy and had oil stains all inside and was jsut looking nasty, ive put it back on and now when i start it it starts then cuts out after about 10 -15 seconds, ive since left it as for some bizzare reason it keeps popping flames out the top (i have no air filter on it have a new K&N to go on to it) any way back to the first point, any one know of the reason for the cut out ? is really annoying if i try to rev it to keep it running it just dies also again, but i have noticed that the fuel keeps going to match the throttle position if that helps at all, any ideas would be helpful,



ps is it worth porting the head at all or shoud i just convert it from a 1.4 to something bigger and turbo'd ( a turbo civic motor?
Is this the carb that you cleaned? Sounds like the airflow/fuel mix is wrong, did you alter any of the screws?

I'd go with an engine swap rather than spending a lot of money on a 1.4.
was gonna say popping flames is normally something to do with the mix being wrong as its unburnt fuel causing the flames

would also go with engine swap :)
It was the stalling that led me to my conclusion.

The flames are interesting, and it could be the intake vent closing too late allowing the engine burn to exit. This can be caused by premature ignition or too rich a fuel mix. I should have mentioned this earlier to clarify my thinking :D

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