HELP mk4 cabriolet engine swap needed !


donc-vegas !
mk4 escort cab xr3i
anyone know of a reputable company/person that would be able to swap my mk4 xr3i cabby engine into 2l zetec from a mondeo ? any help would be appreciated thanks lee !!
Why not have a go yourself? When you start paying for engine swaps the costs can quickly mount up. You will have quite a bit of work to do this as you will also need to get the wiring loom and probably the gearbox from the mondeo and make some custom engine mounts.

Hopefully someone reading this thread will have done something similar and will be able to pass on some pointers to you. (Welcome to TorqueCars its good to have you along.)
i would definately have a go myself but i aint that technically minded yet lol !

just want to get my baby back on the road again asap so if anyone out there has any info on how to do it i d be very very very very very very very very gratefull !!
no not yet mate im just trying to source one,i have been told to get a mk1 mondeo for the (blacktop) engine without pats ??,gearbox and wiring loom ? do you know if this is right or not ?
I'm unsure on whats exactly needed but you would be better off sourcing a full car as a donor. Then you'll have just about everything you need and what you don't need you can sell on to get a bit of wedge back. Have you though about the engine out of a Escort RS2000? Or for an easy job what about a Fiesta RS Turbo lump? They drop straight in.
yeah have thought about fiesta rs turbo lump but i have a lead foot and would go through turbos faster than the car actually goes !! rs2000 engine would probably be better because of the weight of the old metal surrounding it lol !!! at min ive got someone cleaning up the head,new head gasket,new cam belt,new fan belt,new fuel filter,new plugs and leads and an oil change for next to nothing !! what im probably gonna do is get an rs2000 lump and do all the cams,valves etc etc,and then get someone to fit it lol !!!

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