Heaps of turbo information

Good read, but it doesn't tell me how to fit one to my 1.4 N/A engine :)
I think we could really sum up the answer to all the 'can I haz turbotted my car' with the following:

"Just buy a car that already has one."

This is the best route for the vast majority of drivers, but then you are not a modifer just a car driver :)
Shouldn't be much of a problem to a man of your talents :bigsmile:

Maybe I should have typed:

Good read, but:
"it doesn't tell me how to fit one to my 1.4 N/A engine" :)

I certainly wouldn't bother fitting a turbo to a N/A engine. I would start with the turbo version and go from there. Changing an engine from N/A to turbo is an awful lot of pain for little gain, unless you spend a lot of money and time duplicating the turbo version of the engine and what would be the point of that other than for the experience?
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