Have you had your suspension professionally tuned


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It's remarkable what a difference a decent suspension setup makes to a cars handling and cornering ability.

For most of us the nearest we get to suspension tuning is have the wheels aligned at a tyre fitters.

Adding some negative camber and a little toe out can really improve cornering though.

Has anyone had their suspension properly setup and tuned? Do you think it will make much of a difference to your car if you did this?
My dad had his car setup by Lotus specialists. It made a massive difference. They changed it to a wishbone setup and did quite a lot of work on his rally car.

Not sure who offer this service nowadays, this must have been 20 odd years ago.
My track car has been corner weighted and the ride height of the coilovers adjusted with someone near my weight in the drivers seat,the dampers revalved to suit the different springs and a slightly larger diameter adjustable rear bar installed and and the camber,toe and caster adjusted to suit.
The rear uprights/hubs have been modified to lower the roll centre.
This is reputed to help diffuse the tendency to snap oversteer:eek: when applying power exiting corners.
Snap oversteer just adds to the fun surely? ;)

I certainly have to be aware of it but it has given me a few frights over the years and a more gentle easily controllable breakaway if what I am hoping for as I have passed my prime and not quite ready to stop driving fast and take up lawn bowls or croquet :eek: :)
U know what, I literally had no idea what a "tuned suspension" actually entailed. I would be guilty of just having a wheel alignment and tire rotation and think that was a tune...smh wow....
It amazes me how badly set up most cars are from the factory. Some car makers pulled in Porsche and lotus engineers to setup suspension but most did it in house and assumed the alignment is all that matters.
Someone who understands the dynamics of suspension travel in cornering. It may require additional suspension parts to get the right angles and settings as some cars have limited camber and toe adjustment.

Most garages can set the toe and camber though and it's possible to improve things by experimenting with different settings until you get a setting you are happy with.

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