Has sat nav replaced maps


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Do you still use a map or are you totally dependent on sat navs?

Are there things you can do with a map that you can't with a sat nav?

Is it a good thing that drivers are using sat navs more?
I have a map book in the boot of my car. Don't think I've looked at it in 10 years.

When planning a journey I look up my destination on Google maps on my PC, check for landmark towns and go. I use the landmark towns to make sure I'm going in the right direction.

Once I'm in my destination town I do use sat nav to find my exact location.

However I would also add that I use Google maps on my phone (in a fixed mounted point in the car) and have it running along the whole journey as it's live and you get traffic alerts and smart redirections if there is a build up of traffic.
Yep, Google maps on the phone FTW! Live updates are always useful. Don't think I've ever used an actual map since I started driving if I'm honest

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