Fusion Sub No Longer Working?


uk - york
corsa c 12v
hey people, i have a double fusion sub with an inbuilt amp wired up to my car with 2 6x9's aswell. iv had this set up for months and its always worked perfectly. Yesterday when i turned on my car i noticed it wasnt working at all. Iv checked all the connections from the sub to the cd player and battery and iv also checked the fuses. The green power light on the sub is on but there is no sound. If you unplug the aux cables and touch them together you can hear a faint rumbling from the sub but then when you fully connect them there is just no sound.

I hope thats enough description and if anyone has had a similar problem and managed to fix it please post here thanks!!
i think the head unit works fine because it works with everything else unless just the sub out wire is screwed. i tested my sub out in my mates car the other day because he has the exact same one, and it worked fine. i think this means that i need a new wiring kit from fusion which will cost about £30. The only problem is that fusion make #!#!#!#! wires so i'll probably come accross this problem again and it has to be a specific wiring kit direct from them because all the wires go into a little white box which then goes into the amp instead of single wires like on a normal amp.
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