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Hey all

I have a genuine mystery on my hands, the factory radio unit for my nissan (am/fm radio and in dash 6 cd changer - type D) stopped working, randomly after i turned the ignition off. When i turned it back on, the radio didn't respond and pushing the button illicit no response. Everything else in the car works normally and the battery is fine.

All i can think is: loose connection behind the head unit, or the fuse has gone. Any help is muchly appreciated!

Check the fuses first, then slide out the head unit and check for loose wires.

I've known capacitors to go in radios after a while rendering them dead.
Fuses under the steering column are fine, i've chalked it down to the fuse in the back of the headunit but now i'm having a mare getting it out. It's a double DIN and making me very frustrated :(
I think it's bolted in behind the air vent trim. Its double din and there aren't any release holes in the front :(

Its too cold to take the dash apart so i think i'm just going to take it to nissan
Yes, after all of this time I managed to get it out! A quick glance at when I first post and it seems like 2 years haha. To sum up: removing the drivers door seal, the interior pillar trim, unclip and remove the top of the dash, undo 3 bolts on top of the unit, remove facia above the HU and undo 2 more bolts, remove 2 screws underneath the HU, lift out the HU and unclip the air vents.

Simple... haha
No idea what the problem was, changed the fuse in the back just in case - even though it has been working for the past few months.

Ive had a safety recall sent out do with corrosion of electronics, guessing that may be linked but I'll ask when I take it in.

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