Fuel prices at 18 month high


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Not really a surprise, we enjoyed the low prices whilst it was there.

With the barrel of oil going up and the low gbp to usd rate we are likely to see much higher fuel prices in the near future.

Does the fuel price worry you or affect you much?
I try not to think about. That way lies madness

I doubt it will go over £1.50 and been there before so its just doing the cycle isnt it. Go up come down n round n round
Paid 115.9 per litre for Sainsbury diesel yesterday which isn't too eye watering just yet anyway. Being a miserly guts at heart, I use my Nectar card first when I pay for it but then use my Tesco card to pay for it, that way I double dip on points for both :):):)

Too sad for words really but there ya go. All I can say in my defence is that I'm not like that when I buy a round of drinks in the pub.
TBH to me its not even a concern lol. Because usually the cars i have drove in my life they have been fuel drinkers! Though they do have an impact on the drive.
So you gotta be free on the fuel thoughts.
I'm mapped to Shell's V-Power so it does affect me somewhat I must say. Always a good 10p or thereabouts more than the regular fuel so whatever price you see on the board you know you're going to shell out at an extra £1 for every 10 litres you fill. Irritating
Over here we have "price cycles"where the price rises and falls regardless of the barrel cost and the same brand can very around 10 cents per litre in different suburbs.
IMO it's the companies taking advantage of motorists and there's nothing we can do about it :mad:
Just filled up with standard diesel at 1.22! Not happy! Was paying that for vpower not 1 month ago!
Yup it's sneaking up here as well. Hopefully the £ will recover against the $ and it will settle back to the 1.15 mark!
What I and my fellow motorists is how can they buy a tanker load of fuel and sell it at one price one day and up the price the next day as well as price it higher in the more affluent locations.

In my travels quite often I see fuel at locations far from the refinery priced lower than in the city where the refinery is located.

That would be like a supermarket putting new price tags over the old ones which is /was banned over here before bar coding and scanners became the norm.
Fuel's always been a joke in this country. It cost me less to run a V6 3.0 Chrysler 300 petrol in the States than it costs me to run mine here. We got screwed for everything thanks to the tax system

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