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South Africa
Ford Fiesta 2009
Hi I am a fiesta owner in South Africa, currently have a 1400 naturally aspirated petrol engine. I am currently planning to rebore the engine to a 2200 and add a small turbocharger, I was wondering what pistons I should use and appart from the hefty cost what important aspects I should take into consideration.
Hello and welcome!

Added a turbo is no small project, you will need a lot more than piston upgrades.
In no particular order:
The turbo itself - finding a place to mount it, the intercooler, and all the pipes needed to feed it, into the engine bay.

Engine strengthening - depending on how far you want to push it you may need to replace some or all of the internal parts (pistons, rods, pins, valves, etc) with forged parts. (Forged parts are stronger than cast parts due to the way they are made; forged is hewn from a solid block of metal, cast is molten metal poured into a mould.)

Fuel delivery - with more air going in you will need more fuel. Starting from the back you may need a better fuel pump to push more fuel towards the engine, better fuel lines in order for the more fuel to get to the engine, better injectors to put the fuel in the engine.

Exhaust - once all that extra air/fuel is burnt you need to get the exhaust out of the way. Turbos like big exhausts, but go too big and you will have an adverse effect. Either way you will need to replace the stock system with a sports cat and something akin to 2.5 inch, or 3 inch pipe work.

Engine management - you will need a piggyback ECU to control boost pressure, fuel delivery, spark timing, and probably a few other bits and pieces.

And that is just is just of the top of my head whilst browsing forum at work. There will be more, no doubt.

And once you have made your monster engine pull your car to silly speeds you will need to stop again. And go around corners. That involves bigger and better brakes, upgraded suspension.

I strongly recommend you talk to an experience car mechanic, preferably one who has worked on modified cars before, as they will be able to guide you towards what is needed to achieve your goal.

Welcome to the world of modded cars. Kiss goodbye to your bank balance as this is addictive :D\B
Excellent advise |B|B|B

I would say that NA motors in the main are not built with future turbocharging in mind hence the need for upgraded stronger parts as adding boost increased cylinder pressures dramatically.:eek:

Hopefully the transmission will stand the additional stress imposed by the additional power produced by adding a Turbo.

You may be better off by trading your current car in on one that came out of the factory with one fitted.

Just thinking out loud :)
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IF you can't grasp the need for stronger engine internals then hopefully the chart in the link will shed some light on the subject. 101.htm

FYI my car has a static CR of 8.5-1 and it the boost set @ 20psi so the effective CR is app 19 -1 :eek:

PS I would stay away from E bay computer chips and get a stand alone EMS like say a Haltec Elite series and have the car tuned/mapped by someone who specializes in them for the best result.

PPS it's so easy to get hooked on boost and hard to get off it. Just ask me:lol:
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