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2011 Honda FN2
I have been searching for a used set of wheels for my track tyres that will accommodate my 4 pot calipers and am constantly having to ask sellers for basic details that should be in their add.

1 Diameter and width

2 Number of studs and the PCD = Pitch Circle Diameter EG 5x114.3

3 ET or Offset EG 48mm Positive.

4 And last but not least the centre hole diameter as this locates the wheel central on the hubs built in hubcentric ring. A larger diameter is easily rectified by fitting "hubcentric" reducer rings into the back of the wheel.

NOTE 1 It may not just be the ET that is needed to clear Brembos but also the spoke shape / design that will determine as to if the wheel will clear the Brembos.

NOTE 2 Have been surprised as to the number of tyre and mag wheel outlets that give me a blank look when I ask about wheels with a big "X Factor" which is the space in the wheel design that allows space for the caliper..V(

NOTE 3 Most if not all of the above info is marked in some way on the inside of the wheels except Note 2 above.

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