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Hi folks I'm new to these forms so please bare with me?
I am wondering I have a corsa c and would like to know has anyone or does anyone know if I could squeeze a 2ltr turbo from a Saab 93 sport 2006 into it any advice would be great thanks
Hi and welcome to the site.

You can fit almost any engine into any car, the only constaints being the time, effort and money required.

T9Man will be able to advise on the size and weight of the SAAB lump, which should be your first concern.

This would make a very interesting project, but not one I would have thought for a novice at engine transplants. I don't know Corsas or the SAAB engine but some of the things to consider, off the top of my head, are:

Engine height and length

If I was going to do it, I would start off by strippinig the engine bay and dropping a SAAB engine and box (this can be a damaged engine and box in order to keep initial costs down) into the space to see if it actually fits or what is required to make it fit. You can then decide if the project is a goer.
A better engine would be a turbo calibra engine as these have been fitted into novas for sure so the basic fitting is likely to be possible and as this has been done before you can get the info on the swop.

It is always better to keep to the same make if you can at things always seem to line up better and fit easier.

This isnt to argue with ogs post because all he has said is correct including it not being an easy job
Saab engine is quite a common transplant into vauxhalls, so I think it would be quite doable.
The saab 2.3 from a 900 will bolt to a f23, so that sorts the gearbox and shafts etc. then its just the camchain end engine mount, which could be adapted from the saab one easily I would think
My first concern would be for the computer and the wiring. Cars are so dependent on their computers and they in turn tie into all the other auto functions that I'd be surprised if you can install the mis-matched engine and have it work without a long string of compatibility headaches.
a more powerful engine from the same manufacturer has a better chance of success.

but like the man said, with money and time, anything is possible!!


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