Turbo on N42 4 Cyl Engine


BMW E46 sedan on ai
Hey boys, so I wanna add a couple extra horses, 60 plus to my e46.
I have already spent a lot of money so "just buy a 330i" is not what I wanna hear.
Just wanna know if it would work or my engine would completely explode and if adding a turbo kit specially made for the n42 engine is the best way to add these horses or if I should do something else.

(https://www.laurent-motors.com/de/katalog/805-43347-kit-turbo-bmw-4-cylindres.html this would for example be a kit, and my friend who is a mechanic and myself would put it on together, just not the software stuff, we gonna hit up a tuning brand to do that for us.

Thanks for the responses.
I'll be watching this thread with interest, I'd love to know how you get on with this project.
It is clear (to me anyway) what you engine you have and this makes a huge difference to the answer

most na engines need some alterations to run a meaningful turbo set up.
compression ratio may be too high for a start and you would need to check your engine can handle the extra power.
So ....
assuming your motor will take a turbo it is rarely just bolt the turbo and intercooler on to the stock set up
The fuel system will need to be upgraded to provide the extra fuel that a power increase automatically requires.
You will need a different tune probably with an aftermarket ECU.

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