engine cut out while driving


mondeo zetec s tdci
hi, can anyone help? ive just had my clutch changed on my escort and the same day i drove it, it cut out on me, twice, i was driving down the road and came to some traffic lights wanting to turn left, i started to brake and my car just cut out, i was in third gear so i know i didnt stall it, with aving power steering it just didnt go where i wanted it to, and nearly hit the lights, when the car stopped i re started it and it seemed fine, then five minutes down the road it did it again! ive had someone look at it and said it sounds like a loose wire but couldnt find any! i darent drive it now incase it does it again when ive got my son in the car, luckily when it did happen it was late at night and no1 around, if there had been someone behind me i hate to think what would of happened! so does anyone know wot it could be? like i said, it only did it the same day i had my clutch changed! thanx guys, been on ere b4 and got helped out, just hope someone can help me now!!!
im rcking my brain now, my partner had a KA and often when braking upon approaching roundabouts the car cut out, and brakes and power steering went.

i'll need to have a big think as it was a long time ago, where did you have your clutch changed? i would take it back and explain what you have experienced, and kindly ask whether they can give it a once over (without incinuating they did a crap job or bodged it)

my old car used to cut out when stopping, i got around this by changing down through gears and bringing up my clutch and keeping up the revs, also when coasting i revved ever so slightly.

hope that helped, and im still thinking :?
thanx for the info, my brothers m8 did the clutch for me, ive told him wots happened but he came and checked it over and couldnt find anything wrong, got mot next tuesday hope its nothing serious! but do need to find out wot it is, dont want to crash it with my lad in arghhhh let me know if u manage to think of wot ever it was u couldnt remember lol and thanks again!
Had an old MK1 Ford Fiesta (not exactly the same, but the basics never change) and it used to cut out every now and again when the clutch was depressed. I believe having the alternator changed solved this. I had a Micra that would do a similar thing due to the ECU flooding the engine because it got confused. A knackered alternator is normally the reason for the cars I've experienced as you lose the revs as you press the clutch and the alternator just can't be bothered to cause sparks.

Could be a multitude of reasons though unfortunately.
thanx people, luckily it asnt cut out on me (yet, touch wood) but thats probably coz i aint really been out in it, other than to nip to my friends, think i just got a bum deal with this car!!! coz now its hunting whenever im sat still in it like at lights or pulling up to stop! the revs go up to 1 then back down and back up again, bloody car!!!! anyone know anything about what would be causing it to be hunting!!! think my best bet would be a petrol can and match!!!! just kidding!!
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