Electrical gang terminal suitable for automotive?

Topeka, Kansas, USA
1998 Chevy Tahoe
I have an engine mod, rather experimental, where I have to combine fourteen red positive wires into one, and fourteen black negative wires into another. Right now I'm using a kind of tree of crimp-on terminals, which is working well, but which is not very neat. I have found gang terminals for marine and for building construction, but nothing for automotive which is at all protected against water and dust. Anyone know where I should look?
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The Ampage is the important factor and they need to cope with the vibrations.

I've used Wago connecters to great effect on cars, but not sure they do anything like a 14 way connector the biggest I've used is a 5 way, so 4 of these using 3 to connect 12 cables, then a 5 way bridge to connect the three blocks and the remaining 2 leads between them should work ok,

The old chock block should work really well for you, you just need to bridge the rear so they all join and drop it in an insulated box to waterproof and prevent any shorting.


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Very interesting. I found Wago's, they do seem to make only up to 5-way. A competitor is selling 8-way of very similar design (maybe the patent expired?), I'm likely to go with those unless something easier manifests, one notch simpler.

What is a "chock block" in an electrical context? I tried to find it, found only the things for chocking wheels :-)
Wagos are nice they just click lock and unlock really easily so very handy for development and diagnosis work.

A choc block is something like this....

You would do something like this to connect them
UUUUUUU = on the rear all the terminals need U shaped bridges to connect them all. You can usually get away with 2 or 3 wires per screw terminal also.
Aha. Nice form on that one. I also found marine "bus bars" with covers that would probably do the job, though they are much more expensive. I have ordered an assortment of Wago-competitor Lever Nut connectors including 5 eight-gangs and a bunch of smaller ones too, if the quality is good I think they will do just dandy. Thanks!
Awesome. Now tell us about your project and plans, it would be ace if you could start a project thread and keep us posted with your progress.
@obi_waynne , many thanks!!! These things:
are absolutely the cat's meow. WAGO has them up to five-gang, WMYCONGCONG (not sure how one pronounces that) has them up to eight-gang. They call them "Lever Nuts". They work for a huge range of wire gauges, are completely reusable, don't damage the stripped wire end at all, and seem nice and strong. Lift the lever, stick the wire in, drop the lever, done. I'm probably going to shoot a little dielectric grease in them for engine-compartment longevity, but that's it. Today I replaced all of my jury-rig tree of crimp-ons with lever nuts, re-using original wire (only needed about half!). I'll neaten up a lot more with new longer wires soon enough. Here's the before:

and the after, I'll get a better angle tomorrow:

I do get that it's hard to see the "neater" as of yet, but, less than half as many wires, less than a quarter as many connection nodes, all of the nodes lever-clamped not crimped, and no jury-rigged tree junctions where I had two or three wires jammed into one end of one of these:
And the wiring now has a fairly easily perceptible logic, groups of wires are logical and are daisy-chained, the negative in similar pattern as the positive. Much better than having to reverse engineer the trees every time :)
It's one of those things that when you've used them you never want to go back! Glad it worked out ok for you and thanks for the tip, the 5 way limitation can be a bit of a pain sometimes.
That would be a very good question, wizzer. Am pondering that. I do have room for at least two more air charger units of the two most recently used, because they are both driving charge through one huge 8" carbon fiber brush -- I have been thinking about this, the other twelve use four tiny brushes each, there must be some kind of ratio of sharp surface area to results in corona discharge, and I have no idea what that might be. I did figure out that some new 3M stuff something like Velcro may be a much better mount than the current screws :)

Oh, and I probably should have mentioned, I squirted dielectric grease into all of them, in the hopes of promoting longevity.
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