EGR MAP SENSOR, and Saab gm Vauxhall mechanics here


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OK, clean air is sucked in through the air filter, through the MAF Sensor, through the intercooler,through the turbo past the MAP Sensor through the EGR Valve into the cylinder, Yep a one way street, So why is my MAP Sensor getting clogged up with carbon so much, (It's making my engine run so rich as it cant read the pressure) It seems the exhaust fumes are coming in through the EGR valve the wrong way which seems impossible considdering the pressure the turbo generates.
The codes being thrown up say egr fault but it works by remote, All signs are that the EGR is working , ( I have cleaned it many times also the manifold and now the map sensor needs to be cleaned every 12 miles or the car runs rich and smokes like crazy, A never ending circle, (The MAF checks out as working as well)
I have tried 2 mechanics, read loads on the internet and god knows how many fault readers and still the problem continues,,,,,,,,,,,HELP:(
I am wondering if the problem is a dirty/blocked air-filter, But hey I went to have a look and Saab in all it's wisdom have designed the air filter so to change it, it seems one has to remove the front wheel, Inner wing and also be in a garage pit....GGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
This is an easy and cheap try to clean the whole fuel system. It is the only product I have found to actually do what it says. It is so easy I am nervous about it. SeaFoam. Just add to gas tank according to amount of fuel and be surprised. I was having egr faults and I replaced the valve and cleaned the tube twice and i kept getting the egr fault. I kept hearing the name SeaFoam everywhere I went all of a sudden for fixes of all types. So I tried it and no more faults. It says it will work in any type motor. Eight bucks it is worth a shot. Like I said I heard it from everyone like it was the key to universe so I might start drinking it.
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