E220 W124 extra omph


E220 coupe
Anyone able to avise on the best way to liven up my much loved E220 coupe and what the likley costs will be?
I dont think it is pulling the 150bhp it is ment to, even then with the weight it could do with just a few more omphs for the summer :lol:.
Did consider going for a E320 but just cant give up the one I got :love:.
I know what it's like wanting to keep the "devil you know".

How much are you looking to spend? Ideally put in a fast road cam, get the head ported and gas flowed. I'm not that up on the E220's I'll do a bit of research for you and see what I can turn up.

If you wanted silly power then look into adding forced induction, a supercharger can give a fair bit of a power hike.
Thanks waynne, not looking to spend mega bucks, certainly no more than a grand hopefully less and dont want to out power the auto 4 speed either. Was hoping the 2.2 can deliver more than the factory 150 bhp without too much 'surgery' just a bit of a novice when it comes to mods :confused:.
As for the devil I know... in the 2 years I've had it it has had new front springs, rear shocks and discs all round front end respray plus some electrical gremlins found and destroyed to list a few jobs, it is now like a child I have put through Uni, I expect it to look after me in my old age :lol:
Sounds like true love to me! feel the same way about my beloved Saab 93ss! hopefully it will be around long enough to pass on to my son! ;)
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