Mercedes W124 - E-230


Mercedes E-230
hello,every one
actually am looking for tuning my car I adore this car it's 1986 old but good
I love't so much and I want to get more power from this engine,want to put turbo kit and NOS>>>>> any one can help me?
please I been looking for that almost 4 months?
want to know how much It cost and how much of power can I get.
Greetings and Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend! :)

I am unable to help you with your question directly, but hopefully somebody can point you in the right direction for the knowledge that you seek!

Good luck! :)
Thanks and I hope to find someone can help me

NOS is quite straight forward to do. Trust only experienced people with this as it can go terribly wrong otherwise. Start of with a 25 BHP jet firstly to get a feel of the additional power BEFORE you attempt to go higher. A 25 BHP jet equates to 50 BHP in real power. If you intend on going any higher then you MUST make sure that you upgrade your fuel pump and fuel regulator!!

Turbo'ing a naturally aspired engine will probably cost ££££'s.
Have a quick read here (

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