converting right hand drive to Left hand drive

I would emagine it would be a big job! you would need to change the dash,steering rack,possibly the pedals and i think move the master cylinder etc,i have never done anything like this the above is what i think you would have to do there may be more i wish you luck with it and welcome to the forum!someone else may be along soon with advice there are some clever people on the forum with a lot of knowledge.
The basics...............put simply A LOT OF WORK but it will be possible

If they made lhd supras then it is a case of finding all the right bits if they didnt I wouldnt even bother
Presuming they do
You will need the correct dash If not you will have to make one .
That will be hard enough then all the pedals need to be relocated with new cables/pipes etc as they wont be the right lenght
The wiring harness will probably need a lot of work as the likelyhood of everything being long enough to fit the new position is very low.

Oh and then you need a lhd steering rack

and thats just the basics and not the end of things
In extreme cases you'll need to ensure the seats are correct as the drivers tend to have more adjustment than the passenger one, mirror switches, door switches if any. Just look at your car and what is unique to the drivers side, this needs to be mirrored to the other side.

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