Buses dont reverse


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Have you ever seen or known a bus driver to reverse out of the way to let traffic past?

Down our way they just sit there and let everyone else suffle around them?

Are buses hard to reverse? Do they even have a reverse gear?
Here we go, taken from a bus forum:

When I learned bus driving at Nottingham City Transport,I was told it was illegal to reverse a bus with passengers on, and especially unsupervised.However, I was told that if I could get all my passengers to alight and get someone responsible to reverse me, then that was o.k. As regards an empty bus, I would think the same applies.I am now at TrentBarton buses and have been told the same.
They reverse round here. Like I said only for each other and HGV's though. There is a blind turning just down the road from me and when you've turned you can only fit one vehicle because of parked cars. So when the buses come head to head one of them Has to reverse.
I assume that's on the road, given that buses have to reverse to get out of Mansfield's bus station, and always do it with passengers on board.
Also the Highway Code says you should give way to buses, but most people, I gather, don't as I often slow down to let them out when I see them indicating to rejoin traffic and then I end up stopping and waiting for them to come out.
I was eating a meal in the Cafe Des Amis in Canterbury. We sat in the window and watched the buses trying to navigate through the old tower city entrance. All had to fold in their mirrors and a large German tour bus got stuck! So he had to reverse!

So for the first time in my life I have seen a bus reversing, but only because a wall was stopping him from going forwards.
Ive witnessed a bus performing a 3 point turn on a very wide road with passengers on board. I was directly behind the bus hoping not to be crushed in my cinquecento
It's not easy! Especially when I try to avoid repeating myself over the last few years! :lol: Feel free to start some threads, it'll take the pressure off me!;)
The only bus i ever saw reversing was the double decker that smashed in2 the side of ma m8's Bm after he misjudged the gap in2 the bus garage. Bm was a write off!
:lol: Thats why they dont reverse. The rule probably came in after your mates BMW incident;):)

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