baleno gearbox


Wrench Pro
portsmouth, england
baleno 1.6gs(died)
my little baleno started making a funny high pitch squeal when in was under load in 4th and 5th gear, if any-one could shed some light would be helpfull. my mechanic's looked at fluid level and is ok, but without stripping it could say no more so if any-one's had this problem before or knows wot it could be then it would help. arghhh im due to go on hols 30th aug and need it in top condtion.
Its a nightmare when things like this happen. Does the sound change at all if you dip the clutch but maintain the revs?

Another thing to ask is can you hear it at all in the lower gears? Gearbox whine is never really a major problem and i've had some cars with whiny boxes that lasted for 50,000 miles without a problem.

Fluid levels would be the first thing I would have checked. Had it run low on oil at all? You might find a gearbox oil additive that helps - avoid engine oil additives unless it says it is suitable for transmission oil. Have a look for X1, slick 50 and Morays ranges for something suitable.
erm just got rid of my baleno with gearbox problem seems its a common fault! haha ebays the best place for them cars haha engines are lovely but when that gearbox is on its way out you know it!!
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