97 GS 3 Door Baleno Driveshafts


Crawley UK
Baleno 1.6 GS
Hi Members

1st post, hope you can help.

I've got a "enter thread title" and need to replace the drive shafts. Are there any specific tools I will need to make this task easier to achieve, EG joint seperators/pullers or the like?

I can't believe there isn't a workshop manual for these, well not that I've found.

Thanks all.

Hi dean and welcome to TorqueCars. I've not worked on a Baleno but I guess the same applies to most cars.

You can take out the driveshafts without a proper tool but it is a real pain (you can also damage things like ABS sensors if you get it wrong on some models). It's worth hiring the proper driveshaft removal tool for the job. Often if you know where to hit you can get a joint to pop out. Sometimes heat will expand the holding section and make separation easier.
hi autocustomeng

I'm not struggling with anything yet because i haven't started the job but I hate it when I get part way dismantling something or replacing something just to find out I need a special tool to do it. I end up with a car in bits and i'm unable to complete the job until this special tool has been sourced.

I suppose I'm looking for someone who knows any gotchyas when undertaking this job.


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