any owners of the DB9 here


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ever since i was a child watching bond, james bond i've been in love with aston martins, the lines and noise is pure art i wanted to know if you have a pic of your baby and how does it handle, is it easy to park, tell me the best memory you have of your pride and joy.
I loved the DB7 - until I sat in one and the interior trim left a lot to be desired. It looked like the inside had been trimmed by a hospital seat maker, in white with hard edges.

The engines are nice and they are great to drive, I'm sure the DB9 interior has moved on from the DB7 but I say check it out thoroughly before you consider buying one.
Don't be discouraged by the lack of outward appreciation....I have a feeling many DB9 owners simply spend the extra money to get their vehicle serviced by the dealer and although they may look or even download this manual, it may not be that important for that type of owner. On the other hand, for owners like me who like to get to know and work on their vehicle, this is awesome! Are you able to post the rest of the manual? This is extremely helpful.
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