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Ok When it comes to Wires Etc I know really jack about them and I hate touching them for some reason. However I've got two speakers in the back Pacrel shelf but aren't connected and wondered how would I go about wireing these up?

are there already wires there for them ? if not

run speaker wire from the speakers up to the headunit
remove the head unit and you should have 2 groups of wires
one set will be for power - normally 4 or 5 wires
one for speakers 8 wires. look through these for ones marked up as
rear left +
" left -
" right +
" right -

splice into these and connect the correct wires up

easier to do one side at a time so you dont get the wires mixed up
is pretty easy. as log as you use decent speaker wire then one will have a stripe on it. use this for -ve on both. saves you having to look at both ends.

if your wiring at the head unit doesnt have writing on it pick up a ISO connector with them on
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